Nemesis of Big Jap Sea Force

Lieut. Gen. G. C. Kenney (center, first row), commander of Allied air forces in the Southwest Pacfici, with assistants, fliers, and plane crewmen of his organization. General Kenney directed and doubtless many of these men participated in the great air raid which whiped out the Jap convoy of ten warships and twelve transports trying to reach New Guinea. It was one of the great victories of this Pacific War. An American flying fortress forms the background for the photograph, made recently at an advanced bomber base, when many of the men shown were decorated for air exploits. To the left of General Kinney [sic] is Lietu. Col. R. H. Carmichael, and to the right of him Brig Gen. K. E. [sic] Walker. (Wirephoto)

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