General Walker in the chow line Port Moresby, 1942

“Gen Walker faced a heavy burden with supervising the raids on Rabaul, while doing everything in his power to see that the enlisted men as well as the officers were being taken care of. He demanded that the food be improved in the enlisted men’s mess and was indeed an “enlisted man’s general”. When both officers and men had to wait in the same chow line an incident occurred which the men talked of for many months to follow. The general came to the chow line when it was about a block or longer and took his place last in line. A corporal offered him his place, one step closer to the food. The general refused saying he could wait his turn behind the corporal. About that time a young, second lieutenant walked ahead of the whole line, edged his way to the food counter. General Walker, standing at the end of the line, stepped up, took the upstart by the arm and led him to the rear of the line to wait his turn demonstrating to the offender that it sometimes takes more than an act of congress to make a gentleman.”
– Major Bernhardt L. Mortensen, V Bomber Command

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